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Barbie Dress Up Games

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For decades, Barbie has been a staple in just about every girl’s doll collection. In fact, most girls had multiple dolls, toys, and accessories. It was every girl’s dream to dress up her Barbie and make their Barbie the most beautiful doll in the world. With the advent of the internet and it’s interactivity, girls can now expand this in an infinite number of ways. Now it is possible to play Barbie dress up games in a cyber-world where the possibilities and options are limitless. New games and options are being developed daily. Here are just a few of your options. The only thing a girl might want to be more than Barbie, is a princess. Now she can develop and design both in a Barbie dress up game. The internet offers ways to style Barbie in various regal gowns and outfits fit for a princess or even a queen. Let your child walk right up the steps of the palace in her imagination, or maybe even let the child in you come out and play. Barbie knows how to party. She’s been doing it for years with all of her friends. Now you can take her into new realms of fashion and get her ready for the parties yet to come. Who Needs Makeup? The Barbie dress up games also take make up to a new level. You can now practice your cosmetic skills with an interactive Barbie. From foundation to smoky-eye, you are only limited to the expanse of your mind and imagination. What would a Barbie collection be without a wedding gown? The Barbie dress up game brings Barbie down the aisle in style. Let your child start to plan their fantasy wedding early with a variety of dresses, veils and trains. Yes even hair styling is possible in the Barbie dress up game. The beauty of this event is you can cut her hair and not have to worry about it never growing back. With the click of the mouse, Barbie is back to a head full of hair so you can start the fun all over again. Happy Halloween Barbie dress up games also include a Halloween collection to choose from. From Angels to Zebras, Barbie can be exactly what you want for her Halloween parties or just for the fun of dressing up. The Shining Star Being rich and famous is, unfortunately, something most of us can only dream about. With Barbie, you can get her ready to walk down the red carpet for her very own Academy Award. You can even make her different celebrities by changing the avatar. What A Work Out Even Barbie needs to eat right and exercise to keep her great shape. You can set her up with the latest workout fashions so she can do her Aerobics in style. Best of all, you won’t even need to break a sweat! It’s Time To Grow Up Even Barbie was a child and teenager once. With Barbie dress up games you can send her back to school in just the right outfits. She can’t help you with math, but she can still look good. A variety of ages are available so you can literally watch her grow up in front of your eyes. How much fun could that be? The World Traveler No matter what country you dream about going to, Barbie has been there. The Barbie dress up games have an enormous variety of clothing from all over the world. She can be in traditional Persian garb one minute and dressed like an Eskimo in the next. Want her to be an African Princess? Go ahead. She can even dress for the rodeo.

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